Baby Tunic – Flower Embellishment

Make the adorable tunic even cuter with a colorful—and easy—embroidered embellishment. Instructions for the baby sweater and tunic are on page 28 of Wearwithall.

Here’s what you will need

Small amounts of Cascade 220 superwash sport, in three colors
• Color A for stem and leaf
• Color B for petals
• Color C for center of flower

Tapestry needle

To embroider

Print out the accompanying design, sizing it to fit the area you will be stitching.

Using color A and the back stitch or stem stitch, create the stem and leaf by following the pattern provided. Change to color C, and using the back stitch, create the center of the flower.

With color B, create the petals using the lazy daizy stitch.

NOTE: Embroidering on knitwear is different than using fabric. You may need to split some of the original knit stitches, so a pointed tapestry needle rather (as opposed to a blunt needle) works best.

pattern variation by Sarah K. Walker