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stealing the show

We admit it, we weren't exactly sure which Wearwithall design would be the fan favorite, but the early money seems to be on Theresa Gaffey's ribbed stole, created out of nine gorgeous (and unusual) shades of Isager's Alpaca 2. It doesn't hurt that Malika wears it so beautifully, amiright? The color palette has been such a hit we've been selling out of it regularly (not to worry—we're reordering regularly, so shop with confidence).

Not to be outdone by Theresa's impeccable color sense, Mary Lou, Shelly, and Sarah have curated their own stole color palettes. We hope you'll be inspired by these as well, and come up with your own perfect stole. Since I'm the only boy on the team, I evidently didn't get to play. Instead, I named their collections, combining color choices and personalities—much more fun for me!

We'd love to see what you come up with; share your own stole palette here or on Ravelry

The Calm and Collected (Shelly)
Marine Blue-Green (#16)  2 skeins
Light Blue (#11)  2 skeins
Natural White (#0) 2 skeins
Charcoal Gray (#4s) 2 skeins
Black (#30) 1 skein

Where Pasture Meets Party (Mary Lou) 
Black (#30)
Wine (#36)
Dusty Plum (#52)
Marine Blue-Green (#16)
Light Blue (#11)
Green Gray (#23)
Light Natural Brown (#7s)
Blue Gray (#47)
Medium Natural Brown (#8s)

I Enjoy Being A Girl (Sarah)
Shrimp (#39)
Dusty Plum (#52)
Light Green (#46)
Green Gray (#23)
Light Chartreuse (#29)
Dark Chartreuse (#40)
Light Blue (#11)
Marine Blue-Green (#16)
Blue Gray (#47)

Reader Comments (1)

Gorgeous stole! I also love the Isager yarns. I currently have their Spinni / Wool 1 in my stash for another shawl. Looks like I'll be getting some Alpaca 2 soon as well! ;)

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