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Ready, Set, LAUNCH

How do you know when a book has arrived? When you have a party, of course! And a party we had, this past week in the cozy confines of The Yarnery, St. Paul, Minnesota. You're probably picturing limousines, red carpets, and paparazzi. Close. Think good food, lots of supportive friends and customers, and shelves of wool; now you have an accurate snapshot of the evening.

Truth be told, an intimate gathering of all those who have supported us over the past year—and shared our excitement at the birth of Wearwithall—is the only way we could have imagined launching this book. It's a cliché to use the term family to describe a group that works together so closely, but in many ways that's what we've become (bickering and all!). It felt exactly right to be gathered in the shop where we've had countless meetings, working on making this book real.

And now it IS real. Very real. Boxes and boxes of real. We also know that our job is just beginning, creating buzz for this book about which we're so proud. We hope you'll help! Tell friends about it, post it on Facebook, watch for us on Ravelry, and ask your local yarn store to consider ordering the book. Now that the book is launched, we're ready to spread the word.

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