theresa gaffey's magical seaming technique

Perfect seaming for the blanket featured in Wearwithall. Invisible, crisp, and clean!


she stole our hearts

We love fan mail. Seriously love it. But when it comes from New Zealand, and includes a photo? Hearts a-flutter. Sue ordered the book and beautiful Isager Alpaca 2 to create our fabulous (and now fabulously popular) stole. And then she ordered more yarn, to work the stole in another colorway. Yes, she loves it that much. Sue writes: 

I just wanted to let you know that I've finished the stole and am truly delighted—I love it! As it's the middle of winter here in New Zealand I have been living in it and showing it off for the last couple of days since I finished it! Wonderful project, beautiful stole and yarn, and terrific book!

Thank you, Sue! And thanks to all of you who support and encourage us; it means a great deal.

P.S. We're not finished with that stole—not by a long shot. Check back here soon for a great variation!


tunic cuteness

Remember when we showed you the adorable tunic embellishment? As if you needed an excuse to try it, here's proof of the cuteness. Get to embroidering!


the baby blanket your way

We think the colors of the baby blanket are adorable. We chose them, after all. And we've had lots of positive comments about the palette we chose for the book. But what if you want to knit a bunch of baby blankets (and why wouldn't you; they're fast, easy, and great gifts)? We thought some inspiration was in order, so we played around with the great colors of Rowan's Handknit Cotton and came up with some combinations for you to try. We like them so much we're going to knit these up ourselves! If you come up with your own creative color combo, we'd love to see it!


wearwithall 2: call for submissions

Wearwithall has been out for two months, and, yes, we are starting to plan our next book! Like any good sequel, you'll recognize the DNA of the original, but we want to stretch the boundaries of what we've done previously. We're looking to create a completely original, fresh book as a follow-up to our beloved Wearwithall.

We're also looking to deepen our designer pool. If you think you have what it takes to design for our next book, we would love to hear from you. Design submission guidelines are available by emailing Indication of interest must be made by July 15, 2012, and design proposals are due by August 31, 2012. Keep in mind that our submission guidelines are comprehensive, so it is best to start early. 

If you like Wearwithall, we hope you'll consider being a part of our next venture.